2011 Cheerleading Tryout Expectations of Skills

Dates and Times:  March 28-31 (4-6 pm)

Place:  HCHS Gymnasium

Attire:  athletic shorts, bloomers or boy cut briefs, school appropriate t-shirt, ankle socks, and tennis shoes.  If you do no have shoes or correct attire you will not be able to participate in tryouts.  NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND.

Hair:  Pulled up in a tight ponytail and out of the face.

Nails: Clipped short (not visible from the palm side of the hand)

Evaluated Skills:  stunts, cheer, dance, jumps, tumbling; skills will follow a continuum ranging from low level to advanced skills.

Stunts:  Please let us know immediately if you have little to no stunt experience.  We will provide instruction on proper technique for all areas of stunting.  We will work progressively into more advanced stunting skills.  Safety is always first!  You will not be allowed to attempt any skill for which we do not believe you are ready.  The following are examples of stunting skills:  Liberty, heel stretch, arabesque/scale, scorpion, rotating scorpion, bow and arrow, one combination stunt, full down and double down.

Cheer and Dance:  You will be evaluated on execution of both of these areas.  We are looking for sharpness, motion levels, volume, timing, facials, and last but not least, showmanship!

Jumps:  the jumps that will be evaluated are toe touch, herkie, front hurdler, pike, double toe touch, a double jump sequence, and a jump/tumble combination jump.

Tumbling:  Please let us know immediately if you have little to no tumbling experience.  The tumbling passes are standing backhand spring, standing tuck, round off back handspring, round off back handspring tuck, round off tuck, cartwheel tuck, round off back hand spring series, layout, x-out, full, etc…We are interested in what skills you have without a spot since you cannot use a spot when competing.

We are excited about tryouts and hope you are too!  Good Luck to everyone!

In summary, the following forms should be brought the first day of tryouts:

1.  White physical forms (2 1/2 pgs) completed by physician must not expire before Nov 1.

2. White consent to treat form.

3.  Pink acknowledgement of constitution form.

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One Response to 2011 Cheerleading Tryout Expectations of Skills

  1. PARENT MEETING IS ON MARCH 15TH ! At 6 pm in the school cafeteria.

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