1. English Guthrie
  2. Paige Sharpe
  3. Peyton Barber
  4. Sarah Reynolds
  5. Tayler Root
  6. Elizabeth Locklar
  7. Brooke Foster
  8. Mikaela Rodencal
  9. Aaren Aut
  10. Illeigh Emanuel
  11. Morgan Cannon
  12. Michaela Hamby
  13. Laura Boyette
  14. Brittany Mann
  15. Cari McRae
  16. Shelby Irwin


  1. Ragan Jackson
  2. Susannah Kindrick
  3. Summer Watson
  4. Kelsey Parker
  5. Jessi Robinson
  6. Alexus Dickerson
  7. Shelby Baugh
  8. Marissa Schalk
  9. Ginny Coppers
  10. Diamond Johnson
  11. Alyssa Searcy
  12. Brooke Morgan
  13. Bayle Strain
  14. Taylor Blanton

Please look at your schedules because it will change based on what team you are on.  Congratulations to everyone!



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